Research and Development

Company has been offering to users in various fields products centered in molybdenum and tungsten compounds as raw materials for catalysts. Based on the three basic elements of "product development," "manufacturing technologies," and "environmental measures," the research and development department is performing research on product characteristics and quality management to respond to requests from users.

Environmental pollution by chemical substances has recently become a worldwide problem. Molybdenum and tungsten compounds, which have been used for desulfurization in petroleum refining and denitrification at power plants, are very effective against such harmful substances. At the same time, the compounds are noted for their relatively low toxicity. In such a background, Company, specialized in molybdenum and tungsten compounds, intends to fully utilize technological capabilities it has acquired and hopes to develop products that take into consideration not only industrial needs but also global environment.

Product Development
Product Development image Company has offered products with a focus on molybdenum and tungsten compounds as raw materials for catalysts. However, as such compounds have attracted attention not only from the catalyst industry but from various other industries, demands from users have diversified. The research and development department intends to be flexible in idea generation to meet demands from all industrial fields and carry out research.
Manufacturing Technologies
Manufacturing Technologies image Company has been highly esteemed as "NIC of technology" in Japan as well as overseas for manufacturing technologies, especially the wet purification technology, centered at molybdenum and tungsten compounds that have been developed for 70 years. The research and development department intends to develop manufacturing technologies for further improving product quality and efficiency.
Environmental Measures
Environmental Measures image As concerns about chemical substances and environmental pollution have recently become more intense, business firms have been demanded to operate with high levels of environmental morals. Company considers environmental measures important in business and tries to utilize knowledge, experience, and technologies Company has acquired for improving and developing treatment methods for wastes and waste water and to further reduce environmental burdens.

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