Nippon Inorganic Colour & Chemical Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture and sales of industrial chemicals with focus on high-value-added products such as molybdenum and tungsten compounds and heteropoly acid, which are expected in further market expansion following the development of the petroleum refining and petrochemical industry.
The development of manufacturing technologies cultivated by this company during over 70 years receives high evaluation inside and outside Japan, and the company supplies high-quality products in the name of “NIC of technology”.

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Product Lines Centered on Molybdenum


The company provides various types of molybdenum and tungsten products that meet users’ demands, by commanding technological skills cultivated during long period. In addition, the company receives the order for test production on various compounds that are not on the formal list, corresponding to customers’ demands. Please feel free to contact us.

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Research & Manufacture Management System to Produce Safe High-quality Products

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The company acquired the certification of “ISO9001 (2015)” as the international standard for quality management system. This acquirement of the certification “ISO9001 (2015)” guarantees that the company’s product quality meets the international standard, and this fact enables the practice of the management style leading to customers’ satisfaction through continuous quality control.

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